09.00-12.00   E104-E107

Developing Education Science and Care for Renal Transplantation in European States (
DESCARTES Working Group)

Back to the basics of renal transplantations

Organised in collaboration with EKITA, the Organ Expert Section of ESOT on kidney transplantation in Europe 

Session 1: Hot spots in transplantation
Chairs: Umberto Maggiore, Parma, Italy
              Rainer Oberbauer
, Linz, Austria



Daniel Abramowicz, Brussels, Belgium

Update on tolerance protocols

Thomas Wekerle, Vienna, Austria

New tools in transplation monitoring          

Ondrej Viklicky, Prague, Czech Republic

Update on strategies for access to transplant for sensitized patients
Denis Glotz, Paris, France

Session 2: The marginal donor and the fragile recipient
Chairs: Daniel Abramowicz, Brussels, Belgium
             Hallvard Holdaas, Oslo, Norway

Marginal deceased and living donor: how far can we go?

Hallvard Holdaas, Oslo, Norway

The old recipient: problems and challenges

Julio Pascual, Barcelona, Spain

How should we manage the patient with a failing graft?

Marc Hazzan, Lille, France


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