09.00-11.00   G104-G105


EUTox Working Group (European Uremic Toxin)


Uraemic toxins: Water, salt and the others
Chairs: Angel Argiles, Sète, France
            Joachim Jankowski, Aachen, Germany

Active salt regulation in haemodialysis patients - scientific evidence?
Ralph Wendt, Leipzig, Germany
Water, salt and sympathetic tone on haemodialysis - new approaches within a continuous medical challenge
Joachim Beige, Leipzig, Germany
Effect of free immunoglobulin light chains in uraemia
Gerald Cohen, Vienna, Austria
Cytokines as uraemic toxins
Maria Dolores Sanchez-Niño, Madrid, Spain
Non covalently bound uraemic toxins and ionic strength modification in blood
Eric Devine, Yerres, France
Modified ionic strength hemodiafiltration for improved protein bound toxin removal - From bench to bedside
Detlef Krieter, Würzburg, Germany


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