Online Registration is closed.
Now only on-site registration is possible, starting May 30 directly at the Congress Centre in Amsterdam. For any information regarding the on-site registration procedure click here.

The registration desks will be open at the following times:


Friday, May 30 : 11:00-19:00 hours
Saturday, May 31 : 07:00-19:00 hours
Sunday, June 1 : 07:00-19:00 hours

Monday, June 2 : 07:00-19:00 hours

Tuesday, June 3 : 07:00-16:00 hours





Important: by submitting your registration form you accept and agree with the registration rules. Please read the preregistration rules before beginning the procedure.




by February 26, 2014


btw February 27 and April 30, 2014


EUR 200.00

EUR 330.00


EUR 350.00

EUR 445.00

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• All registrations must be submitted online.
• No registration is valid without payment, and both must be done at the same time.
• All references to a date or a deadline, mentioned in this and other meeting documents, refer to the Central European Time zone (CET).
• In case you are not able to complete your online registration because of a system error, please inform the ERA-EDTA Registration Dept and provide details of the error message on your computer and/or a screenshot of the page. E-mail:, fax +39-0521-959242.
• Requests to register via e-mail, fax or phone cannot be taken into consideration: all participants and sponsors must register through the online registration procedure.
• If you are unable to attend the congress you can cancel your registration, within certain limits and conditions (see the Cancellation Policy terms).
• Name changes are not allowed, so you cannot transfer your registration to another person. 


New applicants and members with outstanding membership fees, wishing to sign up/pay for ERA-EDTA membership in order to benefit from the reduced congress membership registration fee, must apply for membership, or pay the outstanding fees, no later than 10 working days prior to the respective registration deadline.  




  Before April 30, 2014

  After April 30, 2014

  75% of the amount paid, net of bank charges.
  The deadline to claim reimbursement is:
  October 31, 2014

  No refund of the amount


All reimbursements will be done after the congress.
If the badge is used, there cannot be any refund. 



• You can pay online by credit card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) at the same time as you submit your registration or
• By direct money transfer to the ERA-EDTA bank account below.
Payments by bank transfer must be done as soon as you receive your e-confirmation or at the latest within 5 working days.
Euro (EUR) is the only accepted currency.
The bank’s fees for the money transfer must be paid by the sender. If the amount you send is incorrect and not sufficient to cover your registration fee your registration will not be valid.
Be sure to include, as the reason for payment, your name and congress registration identification number (written in your e-confirmation), otherwise it will not be possible for ERA-EDTA to match your payment with your registration.
If you pay by bank transfer, remember to register online: failure to do this will mean that you will not be included in the pre-registered participants list and will have to register at the new fees.
If you are a sponsor and are registering a group, include, as the reason for payment, the company name and registration identification number of group.
• Cash payments will be accepted only for onsite registrations.

  ERA-EDTA Bank details for transfers
  Beneficiary: European Renal Association -
  European Dialysis and Transplant Association

  UBS AG, 45, Bahnhofstrasse
  CH-8098 Zurich, Switzerland.
  Account number: 236-473.242.60 E
  IBAN: CH75 0023 6236 4732 4260 E




• If you need to be billed in order to make a payment, please tick the appropriate box in the online form, section “payment”. Please note that ERA-EDTA will not issue VAT invoices. In fact this congress is an educational initiative for professionals, directly provided by a Registered Charity (ERA-EDTA) and not subject to VAT.
• Receipts are not sent automatically. If you need one, remember to tick the appropriate box in the registration form. 


• The badge will be available onsite at the proper desks at the Amsterdam RAI, unless the pre-registered participants and sponsors request it during the online registration.
• Congress bags and badge-holders can be picked up at the Bag Distribution Desk located in the Registration Area of the Amsterdam RAI, starting May 30, 2014 at 11.00 a.m., by having your original badge scanned.
• If you have requested your badge while pre-registering, do not forget it! A replacement badge will cost EUR 20.00.
• If you are registered by a sponsor, the company or institution that is inviting you may have chosen to receive your materials, in that case they will be responsible for handing it to you. If you need further information, please contact the sponsor. 



• If you need to register 3 or more delegates, your company can choose the group option that will enable you to download and save on your pc an excel sheet from the congress website before registering. You must then fill it in (offline) with the requested details of your guests, and submit it online only at a later stage, after you are sure it is complete, together with the payment. The entire procedure must be completed within the set deadlines.
• The confirmation letters will be sent to the company contact person or to another person that will be named, at the address provided.
• If you request to receive your guests’ badges before the congress, please provide just one address, as the ERA-EDTA will not send the congress materials to multiple addresses.
• A personal business or home address form each guest must be inserted in the list: we cannot accept agency or sponsor address and the addresses cannot be the same for all guests. Registrations without this information will not be accepted. ERA-EDTA will not send the materials to your guests, but only to the company sponsoring the guests. If you need any more details, please refer to individual registration rule policy for all other information. 



• If you represent a company or an institution that wishes to pre-register a group of 10 or more delegates, you can take advantage of the Blank List method (you may check the rule policy at step 1 of the online registration procedure). This procedure has two separate stages.
• In the first stage, within the deadline of February 26, 2014, you must make the appropriate booking, through the specific online form and pay the due amount.
• In the second stage, you must upload your full and final excel spreadsheet list by means of the online form by the set deadline.
• Full information and links will be in the e-confirmation that you will receive after you have finished the online registration. 



• Onsite registrations will start on May 30, 2014, at 11.00.
• To register onsite you will have to use the self-service computers in the Registrations Area of the Amsterdam RAI (‘New Registrations’ counters). The Registration Counters will be operative until 19.00. Registration will continue for the whole duration of the congress (check the Final Programme for full timetable).
• You will receive your badge immediately, and then you will be able to collect your bag, lanyard and badge holder at the Bag Distribution counters by having your original badge scanned.
• New applicants and members with outstanding membership fees, wishing to sign up/pay for ERA-EDTA membership in order to benefit from the reduced congress membership registration fee, must apply for membership and/or pay their outstanding fees, no later than 10 working days prior to the first day of registration (May 16, 2014) or partial registration deadline.
• You can pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) or by cash (Euro is the only accepted currency). Make sure that you have your credit card code or PIN to process and authorize the charge. If your credit card requires security certifi cation for online payments, please be sure to have the relevant password.
• You can make your payment in advance by direct money transfer (same account as for pre-registrations) and bring the original debit slip issued by your bank, with you. If you pay the late fee by bank transfer after the late deadline, you will be asked to pay the difference onsite.
• We regret to inform that payments by cheque cannot be accepted.

 Onsite registration fees
 Member of ERA-EDTA EUR 350.00
 Non-Member EUR 470.00
 Student/Trainee* EUR 250.00
 Local Student** EUR 50.00
 1 Day fee (ERA-EDTA Members) EUR 120.00
 1 Day fee (non Members) EUR 160.00
A handling fee of EUR 60.00 will be applied to the onsite registration cancellations.



*In order to be eligible for this fee, students/trainees must be 35 years old, thus the birth year must not be earlier than 1979 and the registration is not sponsored by a company/agency/institution etc. You must personally give a photocopy of your picture ID (passport, identity card, driving license with birth date), a photocopy of your original student’s card and a signed letter from your mentor/university to prove your student/trainee status. ERA-EDTA reserves the right to verify all declarations.

**This exceptionally low congress membership fee is reserved for students living in the country where the congress is held (The Netherlands). In order to be eligible for this fee, local students must be 28 years old, thus the birth year must not be earlier than 1986 and the registration is not sponsored by a company/agency/institution etc. In order to register with this special fee you must personally give a photocopy of your picture ID (passport, identity card, driving license with birth date), a photocopy of your original Dutch student’s card and a signed original letter from your Dutch mentor/university to prove your student status. ERA-EDTA reserves the right to verify all declarations.

1 Day registrations cannot be made in advance and are available only onsite, starting May 30, 2014. This type of registration entitles admission to the session and poster halls only on the date mentioned on the congress badge and to receive the bag (type 2), the proper EACCME/UEMS Credits and Certifi cate of Attendance for that same day. It is also possible to make two one-day registrations if you are able to attend the congress for two days (consecutive or not). These congress membership fees are available only onsite.



This registration allows participants, who did not preregister to register online within certain limits and deadlines, pay the onsite fee and print their badge directly at the Amsterdam RAI. No documents will be sent before the congress. For all information check the online registration link, available after the late deadline of April 30, 2014. 



ERA-EDTA collects and processes personal information to provide you with the details regarding ERA-EDTA and its activities. This information will be used for accounting and commercial purposes by ERA-EDTA and/or Euromeetings srl in compliance with the Italian Legislative Decree 195/2003 and in accordance with the eight Data Protection Principles contained in the UK’s Data Protection Act 1998. Each participant will receive a badge with name and barcode. The bar code contains all information which was filled in the registration form and can be accessed by ERA-EDTA only. Accepting to have the badge scanned at the Industry Symposia and Industrial Exhibition, the participant provides the company with the information (name, address and e-mail) already given to ERA-EDTA. Congress members can ask that this information be changed, corrected or cancelled at any time by contacting the ERA-EDTA Headquarters.